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First & foremost Dr. Brook is amazing. I truly do not have words amazing enough to express that! I came to her when I was in the middle of training for a 48.6 mile running challenge but due to years of neglecting taking care of myself, I came to a point in the training plan where I just about couldn't move/walk anymore. Thanks to her and her amazing care and vast knowledge in her practice she was able to get me back in tip top shape for running. I went and completed the challenge and she then put me back together from all the wear and tare/stress the challenge put on my body. I still and will continue to see her weekly for keeping my body happy. I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done for my physical health.

Molly M.

Dr. Brooke is one-of-a-kind! She does things differently than any other chiropractor I know and have been to, she takes a more personable approach to get to the bottom of how she can help and I felt comfortable right away. She is extremely easy to talk to, and is very knowledgeable about what she's doing, she explains before and during any adjustments. Not only is she a compassionate person, but you can feel the passion she has for the practice! If you're looking for a chiropractor that will take the time to assess your symptoms and a make a plan to help, this is the only place I would recommend!!!

Elizabeth W.

Dr. Brooke is an amazing gentle adjuster. Without her, I would have not made it through my first pregnancy. Pregnancy related back pain set on very early for me at 9/10 weeks gestation. After a few weeks of not getting better, I decided to meet with Dr. Brooke and saw her twice per week until delivery. She has been a life saver during that time and brought me so much more comfort in an uncomfortable time! After my delivery we went back and sweet baby got her first adjustment as well. I can highly recommend her to any expecting mommas and mommas with their littles! She is a true gem for anyone seeking her services!

Kim M.

Great experience! Got me in same day and there wasn't the intense sales pitch to purchase a package like other chiropractors I've seen. Her approach is not just to make you pop but actually align you. Highly recommend to anyone needing a chiropractor!

Elan A.

I just want to say that I had the best experience at Bauer Chiropractic. After a very poor & somewhat traumatic experience at another chiropractor, I found Dr. Brooke and I couldn’t be happier. I was having severe sciatic problems that were extremely painful. After talking with her, she gave me a recommended treatment regimen. She listened intently to what/where my pain was and explained her recommendations for treatment and how long it may take. After only four weeks, I was walking and standing virtually pain free. A huge improvement. We then discussed an appropriate “maintenance” treatment and it has done wonderfully. I rarely write online reviews, but Dr. Brooke was truly fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional and always got me in even with my occasional need to change or schedule last minute. If you need a chiropractor, go see her!

Eric C.

Dr. Brooke has been such an amazing support and blessing to me throughout my recent pregnancy. I immediately had the same back and sciatic nerve pain with my third that I did with my second pregnancy. I knew I needed to do something and came across a recommendation for Bauer Chiropractic & I am so grateful that I did. My pain was so well managed throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, I’m not sure what I would have done without her. I’m so happy to be going back to her for postpartum care and she’s seeing my newborn as well. Dr. Brooke makes it so easy to schedule and communicate needs. She’s so inviting & really gentle & intentional with care. I highly recommend Dr. Brooke!

Kelsey R.

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Very impressed with Dr. Bauer and her beautiful office! She really took the time to listen to my complaint and then created a care plan specifically to my needs. Couldn't recommend her enough! She has already helped so much with my low back pain.

Sam C.

Dr. Bauer is the best. She's thorough in that she gets to the root of your discomfort on the first visit and sets a clear plan to recovery. I had pain in my knee after an injury but after a handful of visits it started to disappear. I'm so glad I found Dr. Bauer. I highly recommend her.

Cory K.

Dr. Bauer is the REAL DEAL! The days of the "bone-cracker" are gone, here! Using cutting edge care and gentle adjustments along with a whole body healing approach, Dr. Bauer is a true medical practitioner. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone who needs to get back to living their life! Thank you!

Meg B.

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Dr. Brooke is incredible. I have been in pain for almost 10 years. I've done every treatment under the sun except for surgery and within three weeks of seeing Dr. Brooke, I'm nearly pain free. Her gentle chiropractic practice is top notch. And being able to have X-rays to really SEE the issues is a game changer. On top of the excellent care I've received, can't forget to mention that her office is beautiful and clean at all times. So glad I found this practice!

Shannan M.

Dr. Brooke makes you feel right at home. She is very kind and gentle. Her adjustments do the trick without making me sore the next day. Highly recommend!

Jenna R.

I've known Brooke for a long time and she is a very strong, compassionate, persevering individual! She truly will stop at nothing to make sure her clients are taken care of definitely would recommend her as a chiropractor!

Maranda T.

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We absolutely LOVE Dr. Brooke at Bauer Chiropractic! She has not only helped little Everett but has also helped with my lower back pain! She truly is amazing!

Megan F.

Dr. Bauer is awesome! Her style of chiropractic adjustments is a lot more gentle and effective than anywhere else I have gone! Highly recommend!

Katie N.

Love Dr. Bauer! Office is clean, pretty and smells so good! Always a positive experience here.

Alycia M.

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I highly recommend Dr. Brooke if you are looking for a chiropractor in the Omaha area! I have been seeing her since she opened her practice and she is a valuable asset to our community. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and knows just how to help when you are in pain.

Morgan N.

Dr. Bauer's chiropractic techniques are incredibly effective and gentle! She is so very caring and compassionate. She cares about the whole person, not just the aches and pains.

Jenny K.

Dr. Brooke is caring, attentive, and gentle. She listens fully and makes sure you are heard. Her adjustments are just what you need and nothing more. I've never been sore or felt overworked after being adjusted by her! If you're in the Omaha area, I'd recommend her!

Kaylea C.

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Dr. Bauer has helped my 8 year old daughter so much! She is kind and explains everything so everyone is comfortable.

Jenni H.

Went after a car accident & Dr. Brooke has been amazing at helping me get back to before the accident. Flexible if needing to change normal appointment times. Love the reminder texts of appointments!

Ashley Z.

Very impressed with Dr. Bauer and her beautiful office! She really took the time to listen to my complaint and then created a care plan specifically to my needs. Couldn't recommend her enough! She has already helped so much with my low back pain.

Sam C.

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Dr. Bauer is so kind and is great talking you through the whole process. I never felt confused about anything and she always did a great job being gentle on adjustments. Couldn't recommend her enough!

Alexandra M.

I have never been to a chiropractor (and I have been to a lot) that genuinely cares! Before Dr. Bauer started any adjustments she explained the entire plan, where the plan came from and even pricing! I have been able to breathe so much better since starting with her and I can't wait to see how I feel overtime! ALSO, can we talk about how beautiful her place is and how great it smells!

Jordyn S.

I was referred by several people to Brooke Bauer at Bauer Chiropractic. I was in search of a chiro who would listen and have a less aggressive approach that I was used to. She's definitely accomplishing this. I enjoy my visits and our conversations as well! Think would definitely refer her to someone in need of a chiropractor.

Nancy S.

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Saw Dr. Bauer for the first time. She listened to me carefully & knew exactly what to do for my pinched nerve. She has a gentle touch which explains why she is so good with children and pregnant moms.

Mike M.

Dr. Bauer is fantastic! She's trained in Webster technique (pregnancy) so I know I'm receiving the safest care for my baby & myself. She's been so helpful in relieving my pain during the last few months! You should definetely check her out.

Melissa M.

Dr. Brooke is amazing! I have seen her for many visits in correcting my posture! She explains everything at every appointment and goes over the plan of care at each visit to see what works. She is extremely caring for and is gentle with her adjustment, I never hurt after leaving. I would recommend her to anyone!

Brianne L.

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